areas to serve

Let Love Loose (outreach)

We believe that because we were first loved, it is our duty to show love to others love regardless whether we feel they deserve it, are in need of it, or whether or not they can do anything for us in return.  We do this by performing random (and not so random) acts of kindness to those who least expect it, and those who need it most.  We want to put our "love where our mouth is" and add "feet to our faith" by doing the work of the Lord whenever, wherever, however we can.  We believe that by helping those in need that we are, in fact building the kingdom in ways we don't always get to see or understand.  This is an outreach experience like none you've ever experienced and if you love giving, we'd love to have you be part of the strategy team to help come up with ways to best serve our community.

Worship Team

At VisZion City, we have the benefit of having a pastor that is a recording artist, writer, composer, among other things.  Hence, part of our culture is to create original and authentic worship experience that will tell our story, while ministering to those around us.  Whether you play, sing, write, record, etc.,  this worship team consists of beginners, as well as veterans all working together for the purpose of glorifying our God and telling the story of Jesus Christ through the eyes of VisZion City.  We are not looking for superstars, but super-servants who love Jesus and have a passion for worship.

Live Production

With a commitment to excellence, our live production team is the ship that runs our Sunday worship services.  This is the team responsible for every behind the scene task that makes the worship services beautiful.  They are the "hidden Gems" of our worship process, and beloved and appreciated by the teaching and worship staff, since they make them look great.  No experience necessary.

Video Production

Our Video Production team is one of the greatest assets to the VisZion City Ministry, and our overall direction.  Whether the task is editing a promo video, filming a short, creating a music video, or directing a movie, we are setting up this production team to become a beacon for the demonstration of the power of God and the Christian message.  If you have experience in video production, or you would like to learn first hand how to edit, record, create video content, we'd love for you to be part of this ever-evolving team.

Audio Recording &Production

It's VisZion City's own recording studios.  Working closely with our worship team, the AR&P team is crafting a live worship experience, as well as musical content that you will hear on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and anywhere else that you can download songs.  In addition, we produce Holy Hip Hop Music, Contemporary Christian, Christian (R&B), Black Gospel, and just about every genre of Christian music.  If you would like to be part of this creative team, please contact us. 


Our greeters are the "faces" of VisZion City.  We welcome people with handshakes, high fives, and warm hugs.  We love them as if they may never have another opportunity to experience this love.  Because so many people that enter into our doors have heavy burdens that hide behind smiles, you never know when your encounter will alter someone's course in life.  We live in a world where one kind smile or gesture could save a life, and we take it just that serious as we want everyone to experience the love of Christ from the parking lot to the pulpit.  If you are warm, friendly, and you love people, please consider being part of this very important team.  No Experience necessary.


With a growing ministry, theres always people that need a little direction.  Our aim is to ensure that everyone, especially our first, second, and third time visitors are not lost, without direction, and that nothing distracts from God speaking to their hearts.  No experience necessary.


VisZion City Kids is a unique worship experience in and of itself.  Our children are allowed to come to Christ, and learn in their own unique way that they can understand, while allowing parents the freedom of worshipping without worry.  If you're a big kid, or you have teaching experience, and/or just love having fun, Consider being part of this ministry.  Background check required.

Adopt a School

Mentors are needed to sit in with students, provide redirection, focus, and guidance to help the next generation of leaders become who God has called them to be.  We are serving Schools in the Mecklenburg County area.

Piano/guitar/drum/vocal lessons

We desire to teach the next generation trades that will help set them up for success in later years.  We are crafting the next generation of worship leaders and ministers that will usher in God's Spirit in the coming years.  Please consider joining our teaching team.

Campus Ministry

Consider starting a campus ministry/ bible study wherever you are attending.  We have curriculum to assist in doing so and we can train.